My Final Blog Post

It has been a good semester, and I have learned a lot about not only writing but design as well. I am confident that I can go forward and continue to make “technically” correct projects.

I just uncovered the picture of myself that I used in my first blog post, so I will include that as my closing statement, seems fitting.

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Rhetorical Review of Kickstarter Project

My first thought on this Kickstarter page is wow, that looks pretty cool. After 30 seconds, I start to wish that the the owners had spent more time on their Kickstart page, it goes on forever!

It also seems like there are a ton of colors on the page. For a product that is this far along in development, I would think that their brand would be a little more developed. Maybe I am getting the wrong vibe, and maybe it is because of Kickstarter’s green color.

Another thing that seems a little weird to me is the random blueprint looking drawings that are thrown in. I get that sometimes that can be stylish, but I don’t think it was done the right way in this case.

It seems as if they were going for a modern tone but all the sudden changed into a technical tone. They went from Apple to Microsoft, ugh.

Blog Post Revision

Kickstarter Campaigns

I have briefly looked around on Kickstarter to find that there are some pretty serious dollars involved. It seems to be a good way to fund growing businesses.

In my case, I was looking for some sort of robot kit for the RaspberryPi. The RaspberryPi is a small computer than can be used to perform all sorts of handy tasks, like control a robot.

A couple of the kits i looked at had already been backed by $50,000 or more. I continued reading to find that the company was almost ready to ship their first product and is something I will be buying.

To the affective video assignment…

I have no idea what object or product I will be promoting.

I have looked around Kickstart to find that there are some pretty serious projects underway. It seems to be the ideal place to start if you have a new idea, or something you are not quite sure about yet.

I was especially fascinated with a posting I saw that was gathering loads of support. It was a project to create robot kits from a device called a Raspberry Pi.

A Raspberry Pi is a small inexpensive computer that a lot of computer scientist use for research. They can be networked together, or left to fend for themselves, which makes them a perfect component for this project.

This specific kit had already been backed by more than $50,000. Through a little research, I found out that the company was starting production, and they should be for sale soon.

On another note, I haven’t the slightest idea what object or product I will be promoting.

Using techniques listed in the text book, I believe I have made my post much more clear and explained things in a way that a broader audience could understand.

Common Place Book

Check out my commonplace book. It’s not very far along, but I did happen to grab some of my favorite webpages and put them on a WordPress page for you guys to see.

Some of the pages included are pages that I visit frequently, and things that I use on almost a regular basis. Before a common place book, I added pages to my Reading List in Safari. This saves the page for offline use as well as gives me something to do when I am waiting with my iPhone.

Today, I am taking it a step further and sharing it with you guys, if anybody would like any details on how I use these things, just comment, and I will be happy to explain.

#commonplace #thingstodo

Ethics In My Experience

A synopsis of my chosen ethical case is this:

A long time member and leader of a student government chapter uses student government resources to print off personal documents. Other members have voiced their concerns on how much money the organization spends on printing supplies. The long time member believes she has earned these perks.

Ethics are a touchy topic, especially since a lot of people have different opinions on them. Ethics is the way we react to situation and how we differentiate between right and wrong for ourselves. When there are no laws to tell us what is right and wrong, we must decide and make a sound ethical decision.

I believe that most would say that you get your ethics from your upbringing, much like your religious and political views. It seems as though you have your definition of ethics before you know what ethics are, before you know that you are applying them.

It is good too realize when you are making ethical decisions as it helps you think logically and not act in the moment. It is beneficial to realize that they are there, and to make sure what you are doing checks out, or what we call in computer science, a sanity check.

I would have to say that the student government leader is in the wrong here. I happen to believe that you don’t deserve anything unless you insured that you deserve it. For instance, if you agree to a contract at a new job, you deserve the money, however, you do not deserve your co-workers salary.

If there were terms agreed upon when entering the student government organization, the leader should be held to those same terms throughout her tenure, or until new terms are reached.

Decisions are hard to make if you don’t have an ethical belief one way or the other, ethics help us make decisions, and thus help us past tough times like the one in this situation.

Ethical Responsibility in Film Making

Although my short two minute video is not built around a controversial topic, I still made some ethical decisions while editing.

My video showcases Rchivos in it’s entirety, forms and all. Of course, when demonstrating these forms, we have to type in real data, like email addresses and phone numbers. I was careful to use only my email for this class, and a false phone number.

I also took care to hide other information like locations and things of that sort. Choosing to hide these types of things was probably a good decision on my part. While this video was created with good intentions, it is hard to predict it’s future on the Internet.

In further regard to privacy, I uploaded the video privately to YouTube and only gave Prof. Harmon permission to view it. If anyone would like to see the video, they would need to contact me to either gain permission, or to be sent a digital copy.

It is always better to use caution when you are dealing with personal information, you can never be too safe.

Fair Use Policy

I do not believe that I am under any immediate threats in regard to copyright policy. All of the clips I have used in my affective video project were recorded directly from my screen.

I found the music on YouTube and it was listed as royalty free, so decided to use it. I have no idea to the extent of protection a video “listed” as royalty free would offer in court, but it was good enough for me at the time.

Since I have not used anything that anyone could consider copyright infringement, I feel as though I am safe and not at risk of prosecution for my affective video.